Terms and conditions / Cancellation conditions

Booking of Appointments

Appointments are only possible after written or telephone agreement. Via my e-termin booking platform I enable the automated selection and booking of appointments in my appointment calendar. These are considered reserved after my confirmation by e-mail.


Please arrive in time for the booked appointment online or contact me by phone. If you do not arrive on time, the duration of our conversation may be shortened. The full fee for the booked session will still be charged.

Cancellation conditions

Once something comes up, no problem. Online booked appointments can be cancelled free of charge up to 24 hours before the start of the session. If something comes up shortly before - please call me - maybe we can find a short-term solution. I will try to handle cancellations on a fair basis. If you don't contact me within 24 hours before the date or are not online for the conference, my fee will be charged in full.

Should something come up, I will of course contact you and try to find an alternative date. If you have already paid something, you will of course get this amount back.


As an individual, you are responsible for decisions or actions you make based on analysis or coaching. I do not assume any liability for any damages that may result for you.

Termination of a consultation

You always have the possibility to cancel an online consultation if you notice that our conversation is not what you had in mind, or if we both notice that my offered methods are not right for your request. If you have already paid for an appointment, I will reimburse you a proportionate amount.

Reimbursement of fees

It is not possible to refund fees after online meetings have already taken place.


As a management consultant and 64keys coach, I am committed to secrecy in my consulting work.

Consent to data collection and video recording of online meetings

When booking an appointment, you agree that your personal data may be collected, stored and processed for the purpose of fulfilling the order in accordance with the applicable data protection regulations (in particular the EU Data Protection Basic Regulation). See also Privacy Policy.Privacy.

When booking an online conference, you agree to the conversation being recorded as a video. This will be made available to you for download after the call.

You can object to this recording at any time.

The saved video files are regularly deleted in accordance with the applicable data protection regulations. However, you can also request deletion earlier in writing, even directly after the video has been made available to you.