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Nicole Ebhart

Hello, I'm Nicole, and if you want, I can be your 64keys coach. You may already know me from the 64keys Video Library - there you can learn how to analyse and interpret the force fields of people (at the moment only in German).

In addition, I am also available to you personally.

You can take advantage of my personal force field analyses, online coaching or webinar sessions and book these services online right here.

I'd be happy to see you there.

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Looking for enlightenment?

I illuminate Charts

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Professional development and potentials

How do individual specialisations, talents and the environment interact in the best possible way?

Partnerships and interactions

How can cooperation, partnership and teamwork succeed for you?

Force Fields in the course of time

Transits, Cycles and Returns - What opportunities do your life stage changes offer you?

My Services at a glance

Depending on the question and situation, there are different settings:
From detailed force field analysis and intensive coaching to online trainings.

  • 64keys Force-Field-Analysis

    A professional analysis of your Chart from A to Z. Specializations, potentials, health and much more.

  • 64keys-Coaching

    Individual support to activate forces and come up with your own solutions.

  • Supervision

    For 64keys students: Professional techniques to interpret a force field even better.

  • GeniusReport Coaching

    Learn all about your genius force field. How to get closer to your genius and unfold authentically.

  • Webinars

    Here you can also find dates for 64keys and GeniusReport Webinars in English.

Services in detail

Coachings and Prices

All offers refer to Online Meetings (Zoom Conference) and include a video of the conference for download.

64keys Analysis

A professional analysis of your 64keys Force Field from A-Z.

If you want to analyze your force field fundamentally. You benefit from linking the different levels and viewing your force field in the context of your environment.

€ 190,- 1.5 hours

  • Contents of the 64keys force field analysis:
  • You get a profound overall picture - type, centres, specialisations, potentials, motivation, perspective, nutrition and environment.
  • Details that are relevant in the context: Basis, color, sounds, talent, incarnation cross, prosperity, etc.
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This is about you and a personal thing that is close to your heart.

The objective of coaching is to enable you to find a way forward, to realize changes in your life and to develop your potential.

€ 150,- 1 hour

  • Developing individuality is not always easy. Sometimes you stand in your own way, sometimes it seems that our environment prevents you from doing so.
  • A 64keys coaching conversation can help you to take a different perspective, discover new ways and strengthen your unique self.
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Intensive Coaching

Intensive Coaching" - 2 coaching sessions within one week

Sometimes life situations deserve to be given more attention.
In two successive coaching sessions I can help you gain clarity about your priorities, find out what is holding you back, set goals that are consistent with your design, and if desired, develop strategies and action plans that you can actually fulfill.

€ 290,- 2 times 1 hour

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Genius Coaching

Unfold your Genius with the GeniusReport

Genius coaching can help you to develop your genius courageously and joyfully.

€ 150,- 1 hour

  • An intensive session on the chapters of your GeniusReport.
  • If you capitalize on your INDIVIDUALITY in your profession.
  • Support to sharpen your profile and reflect your talents.
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Zoom Online Meetings

I conduct my conversations with Zoom Online Meetings. Similar to Skype, Zoom allows us to see - and share a screen - so it's ideal for discussing a force field.

The conversation is also recorded for you on video, so you can always find what's important.

Zoom is very easy to use, if you've never used Zoom before, you'll find more explanations here:

Zoom Tutorials
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If you would like to book a personal appointment, I invite you to use my online booking platform. Of course I am also available for information or inquiries.


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