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GeniusReport - Online User Training

  • Nicole Ebhart
  • For professional users
What is the GeniusReport?

The GeniusReport is an unusual analysis of talent, potentials and personality. It is based on the 64keys (Human Design) method using only birthdata.
The GeniusReport includes a 10-page analysis as pdf and a 1-page Summary (GeniusReport-Compact) as PDF. The GeniusReport can be created on the website by anyone for a fee.
The GeniusReport-Compact can be created free of charge as a "free version" on the website.

From HR development to the development of individuality

Which company will be more successful in the future? That which tries to adapt people to job descriptions or that which promotes and uses individuality and creativity?
We are moving with great strides into a new age of business.Instead of money - status - power, as the most important motivators in the past, other aspects are becoming stronger: Purpose orientation - self-realization and exemplary leadership.
Companies that know how to meet these goals will be the most sought-after employers in the future and will attract the best minds.
The promotion of the authentic unfolding of individuals will be thereby also in the center of completely new HR strategies.

The goal of the GeniusReport

Each employee is allowed to unfold its talents in integrity and authenticity. The organisation knows how to promote and use the talents of its employees.

GeniusReport as a tool

The GeniusReport is not only suitable for self-reflection and coaching, but also for use in HR selection as well as in HR development, team- and organisational development.

The users of the GeniusReport
  • Business Coaches and Personality Coaches
  • Team managers and entrepreneurs
  • Personnel Consultants and Recruiters
  • HR managers, Management Consultants
The contents of the GeniusReport Online User Training:
  • The approaches behind the development of the GeniusReport
  • From HR development to the promotion of individuality
  • Comparison of the GeniusReport to other personality analyses
  • Meaning of the GR for the understanding of personality
  • Overview of the method behind and the calculation using the 64keys software
  • Interpretation of the Genius Force Field
  • the 9 Force Field Aspects
  • the 5 Basic Types and their personality traits
  • the 60 Specializations and the promotion of individual potentials
  • the 9 Team Types and the composition of teams
  • the Powerbase and its application in organizational development
  • The analysis levels of the GR
  • Personality Traits and Potentials (pages 9 and 10 of the GR)
  • Interpretation of the GR for oneself and others
  • Recruiting and consulting with GeniusReport or GeniusReport-Compact > Possible uses and applications
  • Case studies from practice
Duration and setting of the live online training:
  • 1 Livestream Kickoff Event Youtube and Facebook - free of charge.
  • Watch the introductory Livestream or re-watch.
  • Followed by 4 live training sessions (1.5 hours each) via zoom online conference on 4 consecutive weeks.
  • The training sessions are recorded for your own use.
  • The online training takes place in small groups (6 - 10 persons per training).
  • The training includes a video training session and homework. Total time requirement: 10 hours.
  • After the training: optional participation in group meetings for exchange and up-to-date information.
  • The training needs your active participation and presence. Please do not sign up if you are looking for a video training.

EUR 350,— per attendee. Payable before the first session per bank transfer or paypal.

Optional: Certification: EUR 180,-

and listing as Genius Coach on the GeniusReport website
Certification session: EUR 180,— includes listing on website as Genius Coach

Preparation for attending the online training

Downloading your own full GeniusReport

Reading the GeniusReport Users Manual and watching the Video Tutorials on the GR Website

Optional: Having a 64keys account (EXPERT Version allows to create GeniusReports)

Your Trainer:
Nicole Ebhart, MBA

Professional Background: Recruiting and Business Consulting, Coaching, Kinesiology, 64keys Coaching and Training.
Located in Austria.

Dates for the GeniusReport User Training in English language

The training includes 5 sessions.

  • Next group start: Now!
  • LIVE FREE INTRODUCTORY EVENT: September 29th - 6 pm GMT (60 minutes)
  • followed by
  • Group 1: 4 Training Sessions: Oct 5 | Oct 12 | Oct 19 | Nov 2 - each beginning 6:00pm GMT Time (90 minutes)
  • or Group 2: 4 Training Sessions: Oct 8 | Oct 15 | Oct 22 | Nov 5 - each beginning 6:00pm GMT Time (90 minutes)

(Please check the time for your specific timezone with the widget at the bottom of this page.)


If you would like to participate please send me an e-mail to
You will then receive your registration confirmation and everything else in good time before the start of the training.

Download Information PDF
What customers said:

"The Genius Training, professionally and simply wonderfully facilitated by Nicole, was a blessing for me. At the right moment, I gained access to extensive yet compact knowledge. A helpful tool, which enables me as a beginner at 64keys to bring people into contact with their uniqueness in an easily understandable way. I THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart."

"I would like to thank you very much for the training. The GeniusReport and your user training have changed a lot in my life in a positive way in a short time. I am already doing the first coaching sessions with the GeniusReport and the feedback is very good."

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