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64keys for Human Design Professionals - zoom conference

  • June 2020
  • Nicole Ebhart
  • For advanced students and experts in Human Design

What is 64keys.com?

64keys.com is a professional online software tool, that is used by people working with the Human Design knowledge around the world, whether Human Design System students or Human Design teachers, professional coaches, entrepreneurs or business professionals. 64keys.com was created for professional use of the Human Design knowledge in areas like personal coaching, talent development, team building, recruiting etc.

It is availalbe in three versions: BASIC, EXPERT and PRO.

The 64keys.com software allows you to view your Human Design charts on all your devices (PC, Mac, tablet, mobiles), use the comprehensive text explanations for your charts, create interaction analyses, transits and cycles, penta team-analyses, organizational analyses and much more. It offers extensive search functions, download of written force field analyses, (including the GeniusReport) and much more.

You are invited to a free zoom conference!

Our "64keys for Human Design Professionals" conference is designed to give you the opportunity to learn more about 64keys and to get answers to questions like:

  • What is the difference between 64keys and Human Design?
  • What is the purpose of the different language of 64keys compared to the general Human Design System language?
  • How can I work with 64keys, if I have already learned Human Design?
  • Is there an education for 64keys?
  • and more...

Join our Zoom Conference Meeting

In this conference I would like to share with you the history of 64keys and our journey with the "Human Design Matrix". I will introduce you to how our values and vision regarding the application and teaching of the HD knowledge lead to the development of 64keys.com and the GeniusReport.

  • I'll give you a short tour through some of the features of 64keys,
  • and show you how to include different levels of information from 64keys in your consultations.
  • And of course, there will also be time and space to talk about your specific questions.

To sign up for this conference, please send me an e-mail with your preferred date.

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I am looking forward to seeing you online!


Nicole Ebhart, MBA

Professional background: recruiting and business consulting, coaching, kinesiology, 64keys coaching and training.
Located in Austria.

Registration and dates:

Dates for the "64keys for Human Design Professionals" conference

The session is free.

  • Date 1 June 26, 18:00 Europe/Berlin (CET/MEZ) / 12:00 New York (EDT) / 9:00 Los Angeles (PDT).
  • Date 2 July 1, 18:00 Europe/Berlin (CET/MEZ) / 12:00 New York (EDT) / 9:00 Los Angeles (PDT).
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